Food for the Soul

Tune in every Sunday at 6pm!

Food for the Soul is brought to you by the Chicago Area Unitarian Universalists, exclusively on WCPT AM & FM. This is a weekly radio show at 6pm Sunday which features components of church services recorded LIVE at one of several participating Congregations. The show also features personal testimonials of commitment and service, general information about Unitarian Universalists, and the work they do in our communities!

Unitarian Universalism has deep Judeo-Christian roots, but the churches are filled weekly with people of many different faith backgrounds and traditions. All are welcome!

We tell Chicago, and the world, what the UU’s are, the good work they do, and where our listeners can find a church that fits their lifestyle. Tune in as we put a spotlight on Unitarian Universalism, and share how the UU’s foster the welfare of mankind! Will you join us?

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